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  • Life and Technology
    Life and Technology
    It so happened that I was to board a flight and due to unfavorable weather conditions it got delayed by three hours. I thought of opening various Apps on my phone so that I can pass some time to avoid getting bored. No sooner did I open the phone the battery was nearly over and I thought of charging.... 2019-03-02 05:48:35
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  • Steel Steals the Economy !
    Steel Steals the Economy !
    The forging industry is directly affected by the price, quality and timely availability of steel. The end Customer`s expectations has touched a new level. We do not work for Customer Satisfaction but for Customer`s Delight! The fast changing trends of demand and quality expectation are giving a .... 2019-03-15 05:59:15
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  • Special Steel Demand to Grow by 3 times by 2030
    Special Steel Demand to Grow by 3 times by 2030
    Special & Alloy Steel segment is one of the very strategic segment in steel sector. The sector is majorly catering to end users in Automobile, Engineering, Defence, Railways & Off Highway vehicles. The aggregate business volume is small but still valuable than flat steel market. Alloy steel categor.... 2019-03-19 05:16:06
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