Steel Steals the Economy !


Steel Steals the Economy !
Manu Kapur
GNA Axles Limited
The forging industry is directly affected by the price, quality and timely availability of steel. The end Customer`s expectations has touched a new level. We do not work for Customer Satisfaction but for Customer`s Delight!

The fast changing trends of demand and quality expectation are giving a tough time to the manufacturers as well as the service providers. We all need to align very fast to these changes, else one will be out of the market and survival will be difficult.

Various stages involved in manufacturing a steel based product are Heating, Shaping and finally the Treatment. During all these stages one has to ensure the controls so as to produce the right product. Any mistake can lead to rejection and finally loss of revenue to the company as well as loss of customer.

Today the competition is not within us but with global giants. We need to delivery products complying to international standards and without any failure. This will be possible only when we adopt the latest technology and art of equipment.

Let`s be clear that ‘Steel Steals the Economy’. The Economy of the Nation will depend on the Quality and Productivity of Steel that it produces. Therefore, let us not waste our energy in generating scrap but produce the right quality on time to achieve the Customer Delight.

About Author

Mr Manu Kapur is Sr.General Manager (Purchase & QA) at GNA Axles Limited.. The views of the author are personal.