Life and Technology


Life and Technology
Naveen Kapoor
Steelcastings India Pvt Ltd.
It so happened that I was to board a flight and due to unfavorable weather conditions it got delayed by three hours. I thought of opening various Apps on my phone so that I can pass some time to avoid getting bored. No sooner did I open the phone the battery was nearly over and I thought of charging the phone from charging stands which were installed in the waiting area. I searched my bag and could not find my charger and realized I forgot the same at home.I strolled here and there to see if somebody can lend me a charger or I could find a charging lead attached to the charging station. As usual most of the leads were not working and I hesitated to ask for a charger from others.

Since the Airport was not a big one I thought of having a round of the departure area to see if I can get a shop to buy one charger, but could not. I was wondering how will three hours be spent and could be more as weather conditions are beyond anyone’s control. I decided to go to a restaurant and there were about two to three food joints. I went to an Indian restaurant and glanced through the Menu. This was, I think after a long time ,Menu was glanced properly and items were ordered. It took about fifteen minutes for order to be delivered and passing this time looked very long. After enjoying my food thoroughly I struck a conversation with one of the individual sitting next to me in the restaurant and then two more persons joined. We were now chatting as if we knew each other for so long and was quite different from the chat these days we have on our phones. The chat was lively, full of energy and we expressed our opinions openly. We could find numerous ways in which Economy of the country can be improved, Corruption can be reduced, Population growth can be controlled, Services can be made more efficient, Swach Bharat and what not. I was wondering that Technology though has come a long way in improving our lives but in certain ways has reduced our interaction amongst human beings. We friends now rarely talk , what to talk of Meeting each other. Even we family members instead of calling or meeting each other prefer to deal through Apps.

As I was coming down the escalator, I could find one charging station which had a lead as per my requirement and I immediately pounced upon it lest anyone else should grab it .The mobile was getting charged and as the habits have now become firm, the use of Apps began and scrolling was on its peak. As the mobile charging percentage went up my comfort levels also went up. I was scrolling my Apps and could see one of the so called , our physical Chat friend, with whom I had interacted few minutes back was also coming down the escalators and on seeing me he smiled and I could gauge that smile was due to his way of indicating me that ‘’With Mobile Again?”

I smiled back at him and he also understood it well.

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Mr Naveen Kapoor is General Manager (Technical Services & Marketing) at IMERYS Steelcastings India Pvt Ltd.. The views of the author are personal.